Humboldt Baxter's Psychedelic Mazes

Here are a few mazes to keep your brain in the right place.  These mazes are drawn by Humboldt Baxter, in his more obsessive moments.  Go ahead.  Give them a try.  Something seem familiar?  Never mind that there are too many options, or that your long excursion, in a cruel twist, leads you back where you started in the most humiliating way.  Never mind that hope of solving the maze rapidly fades - though Humboldt swears every maze is possible to complete.  Never mind that if you do get through, the end is encased in a hopeless circle...
When you're done, feel free to send an email.

Maze 1 - Too much drama

Maze 2 - Connect the dots

Maze 3 - Flowers

Maze 4 - Three-dimentional

Maze 5 - Cracked

Note: solving a maze backwards from end to beginning is like cheating at solitaire.

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