SSL information

This SSL certificate should be enough to use all SSL encrypted services on this box. Right now the list includes https, imaps, and pop3s.

You ought to be able to install the bug_ca.crt Certificate Authority certificate in your browser. If that doesn't work out, or you don't want to trust this site as a CA, you can install just the Server certificate bug_server.crt.

I have signed both keys with GnuPG. My GnuPG public key is availible from the Debian Developer LDAP web interface.

X.509 CA certificate Fingerprints and Details

MD5 Fingerprint=2C:B7:6D:17:5E:36:79:9E:AD:8B:0E:A2:55:69:A7:72
SHA1 Fingerprint=C6:26:04:F3:A5:CD:8B:39:7E:34:34:B4:0C:24:D9:C9:1C:24:3B:47
Talby's signature of the CA certificate

X.509 Server certificate Fingerprints and Details

MD5 Fingerprint=B7:45:31:B7:0C:F4:1A:CD:86:21:1A:34:84:76:E9:98
SHA1 Fingerprint=D2:09:98:F6:1F:D2:A9:7F:20:CF:8B:B1:DC:A4:69:10:AA:C7:76:6B
Talby's signature of the Server certificate

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